Long cross day.

Rode the Jake with MapMyRide+! Distance: 64.00km, time: 05:56:49, pace: 5:35min/km, speed: 10.76km/h.


Six hours in the saddle, but it didn’t start well. I left home along cycle tracks and picked up a puncture from thorns. Punctures are always annoying. More so from a cycle route, the hedges were trimmed and not swept. Fume.
The tyres on my cross bike have self sealing tubes which should heal up after re-inflating a couple of times. Six stops and pumping air is enough., clearly it wasn’t working. Eventually, I put a patch on the tube and that sealed it. However, the pump wasn’t working properly by now. It’s a two action pump and soon stopped compressing air in one direction. The other direction would only pump on the pull stroke, so I couldn’t get all the pressure I wanted.
Soon, I was on the Chase, a bouldery forestry land. Fortunately, the stones are rounded (Bunta Pebble Bed) which reduces tyre damage.
Anyway, the ride:
Coming down from Castle Ring is am area not covered by the map I took. Looking up, I could see the clouds sweeping from the east (I didn’t have a compass either). Finding north wasn’t difficult, finding a suitable path that didn’t peter out was less reliable. One section led to a tall fence, tall enough to stop Red Deer (there are some here). To escape that dead end, I rode through what looked like a reclaimed quarry. The rain stopped.
A day riding off-road beats your arms. All that vibration and resisting it by bracing is eventually tiring. If I did this enough, my arms would certainly build up.The return leg, by canal was lovely. All that sunshine blazing through the best of autumn colours was spectacular. A fine day.

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2 Responses to Long cross day.

  1. Jess Wen says:

    Sounds like quite a day! Was that picture edited using Prisma?


  2. essiep says:

    It was Prisma, yes. I used Pixlr for years, and Prisma is quite refreshing.


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