Mio Cyclo 100

I picked up the new bike today. Beforehand, I put in a short list of extras to include: pedals, mud-guards and a rack. I forgot about the bottle cage and cycle-computer. There is a spare cage in the shed, so use that. The computer doesn’t need to be anything grand, a really simple one would do.

The one I walked away with, or rode actually, is not basic.
This Mio is a Chinese import and seems reasonably good. A gps speedo needs no cable wheel magnet or fork transmitter. Sounds good then, the forks on the new bike are quite deep, so fitting may be tricky.
Fitting this device is tricky in its own way however.

Out of the box, the setup is not ideal. There are four screens to show ride details live. By default, the units are strange and illogical. It’s worth spending time setting the number of data fields to display in each window. There are dozens to choose from. Since the device tracks and records gps tracks, I can put this into my rucksack to record hikes. The battery promises to last 28 hours. Let’s see.

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