Broken track.

I rode with MapMyRide+! Distance: 44.30km, time: 01:23:58, pace: 1:54min/km, speed: 31.65km/h.

​The road is painted with the names of riders who raced here. It started warm and became hot very soon.

Eventually, I arrived at the reservoir which that we saw from the plane a few days ago. The water is the same sale turquoise seen from the air. It’s one of two drinking water dammed lakes.
Since I climbed all morning, obviously the return is mostly descent. I decided to return by the same route because is should be quicker and less hot.
However, some stretches really were very hot. Still air trapped by small cliffs cooked up to temperature which must have been well into the 40s. Some cyclists were still heading up to those ovens. Oh dear, have they any idea what’s to come?

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