Gold, day 4.

I hiked with MapMyRide+! Distance: 10.84km, time: 04:18:00, pace: 23:49min/km, speed: 2.52km/h.

This guy came out from under my flysheet when breaking camp.

Finally, a successful day.. Carl and I hiked up onto the plateau ready to intercept the group. For us, that was lots of micro-navigation across the moorland spur.the northern edge above a scarp would give a good view in binoculars.
The radio reception was clear there too. But, unfortunately, we’d missed them. So quickly, we plotted a cross country route that should take us back to the finish point. From featureless moorland to a path is a harder target to hit. Eventually, a path that was hidden by bracken appeared. Again, our nav. was spot on.
Passed a small reservoir and onto a bridal track then in front, there they were, all finished and relieved.
The girls were patching themselves up, some cleaning legs; others, treating blisters.

They have come a long way, 60km and metaphorically too. I plan to suggest that we add extra training for those participants who skip Silver and go straight to Gold Award.

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