Cross the Chase.

I rode The Jake with MapMyRide+! Distance: 70.44km, time: 04:40:08, pace: 3:59min/km, speed: 15.09km/h.

I stayed upright, I even passed some mountain bikers on a climb. Later, just as hunger dominated my thoughts, a nice cafe appeared near the Katyn Memorial. Food meant I could continue riding. So the next leg, the Glacial Bolder.
I used a leftover map from easter’s treasure hunt, a training exercise for Y9s who had signed up for bronze. My group didn’t make it to this checkpoint and I wanted to see it. It’s on the edge of a heather moorland that is dotted with warning signs about mine subsidence. Actually, there were stories about people disappearing up here, in particular, a young lad. It turns out tattie stories were nearly true, he was actually rescued by miners.
Most of the tracks were of coarse round pebbles, the Bunta Pebble Bed. The same deposit that Birmingham is built upon.
Mostly dry and dusty, they were no real hazard today.
At the Glacial Bolder, a guy was with a group of teenagers and we got chatting. There are groups of youngsters all over the chase today, in small groups carrying rucksacks. I asked whether they were DofE, but no. It was part of the NCS Scheme.

My bike at the Glacial Bolder for scale.

The Glacial Bolder is am erratic from RW Scotland.

Later, I rode north and eventually got to the canal at Great Hayward.
Here’s another curious picture:​


Look at the size of it! It must be 10ft high, oh sorry I’ve gone metric, it’s 3m.
It looks like wild rhubarb to me, but is it?

Anyway, I’m recovering now. My arms have taken a battering from the vibration and my tiredness is mostly dehydration.

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