Silver Training; day 2.

Low cloud and breezy, rain overnight, 12- 14°C

Making coffee from my little hiking tent. About 05.30am.

Day 2: relocate to another camp carrying full packs for about 7 miles over moorland. Staff carried full kit too as we are using the same campsites as the kids. The liked this camp better because of phone signal and no midges.The walk was long though, and galling for the kids I had; it began with a steep climb up Jacob’s Ladder. My 5 were very anxious about it and took several breaks going up.
Once on the Moor, we were in hill fog for most of the way.

Excellent, we can ‘walk on the compass’, pace and get therefore of finding markers on the route. In this case, the markers were lengths of slabbed path between boggy moorland. These girls hit the paths every time, it was working! That cheered me up after the misery expressed on the climb.

Eventually, we started a slow descent and came out of the cloud. Landmarks started to appear and the girls perked up.

On the turn, we encountered that group from a school in Hull. They seemed happy enough despite an error in Nav.causing considerable delay for them.
From this point, the day slowly brightened up and we started to dry out.
The campsite is nice, only marred by the farmer shooting to clear a wood of crows.
Rain blew in on the stiffening wind mid evening. Staff sheltered in the minibus.

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