Silver Training: Dark Peak.

Grey cloud at 800m, light wind but dry.

25 Year 10s on Silver training for 3 days in the Dark Peak area of the Pennines. This is much better training than we have done before, 3 days simulates their qualifying expedition more closely than other training ‘exercises’ we’ve run in the past.​

Venture onto Kinder Scout.

Day 1: onto kinderscout and return late. I took a nice group with a middle range of fitness. We let them put tents up and travelled with medium weight packs. The navigation was fine even on the Kinder plateau. It’s nearly featureless up there, so am excellent opportunity to teach some Nav. techniques. The tracks across the Moor and bog are not clear in the least.
We’ve dedicated 3 days of training for this group and it’s worthwhile that they have to acquire entirely new techniques compared to the mainly rural farmland they are used to.
On the last leg we crossed a group of girls from Hull doing their Silver Qualifying. They were almost at camp and some visibly exhausted. In contrast, others were quite upbeat. They chatted, they even said they disliked their accents. Sounded fine to me!
Delays meant we missed the gate so we took the road. It’s nice and easy to follow in the gloaming. Torches on at 10pm.
As soon as we arrived my group were horrified to hear that midges were there. This group were traumatised by midges a few weeks ago on bronze practice. None had midge nets. Some elected to cook near the barn and dive into bed later.
Some were hard to pervade to cook anything. So what if you have no appetite, that’s not why we’re eating tonight.


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