Lost a bolt.

I rode Fixed with MapMyRide+! Distance: 83.86km, time: 03:22:42, pace: 2:25min/km, speed: 24.82km/h.



When did that bolt drop out? The two either side were loose too. Perhaps it’s been a while. The loss of support worked them undone. I picked up a new set on the ride.
As for the ride itself- quick, smooth and free flowing. It’s marvelous when when it feels like this. The route was typical, included Dalton and Bannister Lane climes. There was wind too, but it didn’t cause much discomfort.
On the approach to Bannister Lane, a guy on a bike set up for time-trials lay ahead. Strangely, however, his low gears were very low. Nonetheless, he was easy to pass.
A good day out. Rain arrived in the last few miles, but so what? The afternoon was very wet and relentless.
these Schwalbe Durano tyres are impressive. The running surface seems tough enough to resist local roads and their thorns. Meanwhile, those side-walls are supple. A good combination that seems to run well.

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