Sgurr Dearg and the In-Pinn.

15°C, light NNW breeze and clear, dry conditions.

Chose a fairly short route up from Glen Brittle. Ian knew we’d find other groups up on the ridge waiting to climb the Pinn. He suggested that I climb in my approach shoes, and even consider walking up to the ridge in them. Given that the idea would shave off 1/2 kilo I decided to go ahead.
2 1.4 hours later we were up there. Thanks to my not making the same navigation error as the party in front, we got there before. It was pretty clear where the turn was (oops to them).

Ian set Chris and me to climb first- Chris had his proper climbing shoes and I in my approach so we climbed the South Crack. HVDiff (Hard/Very/Difficult) Which is about a grade 4. Ian led and placed hear for the two ropes. I climbed first and removed gear as I went. The first 3rd was the most tricky. I took ages trying to find a solution- where to put my feet, where for hands, what combination, and so on. It’s all about decisions, some are how to hold while you rest a hand that’s going wobbly.
Figured out, I picked up the pace. It wasn’t until I got near the top that I noticed my breathing was hard. Not from the height, fear or stress, it was the exertion as I sped up.


Me, in red on the abseil.


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