Wild camp, d2.

12°C, bright and fresh morning.
Woke at 6. It’s bright and dry. The geese are getting territorial on the lake. Two more arrived while I ate breakfast and the incumbents fought them off.


It’s dry enough to reorganise my bag, check kit and fix up some food. I even remembered to bring a sachet of milk for the coffee.
For the remains of the day, I wanted to make the summit of Rhinog Fawr.
By 8.30, I was ready to set off. My progress was careful. Nobody knows where I am, and there is nobody for at least 5 miles. No accidents please.
I headed over to Llyn Ddu. This is where the first rain started. That’s it then, scrap the summit, there’s no point. In that case, I will use the day to carefully navigate back.


Rolling hill fog occasionally blankets the surrounding hills. These are not great heights, perhaps no more than 500m.
Finally, returned to the car by 1.30 pm, in bright sun. The car was not alone, nor was it a burnt out shell.
A fine way to finish.

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