Snowdon, and a cuppa.

11°C, rain easing, but when you start to relax, down it comes.
Up early, woken by cuckoos. Put the tent away while slightly drier, but it’s still drenched.
The car tyre is flat after last night’s re-inflation. It didn’t hold. I decided to swap in the spare after my morning espresso.
I met up with the others, half an hour late and threw my kit on. We started at about 8.15.
With speed we headed off. I don’t think I’ve been this way, it’s a nice enough route. Hill fog was dense above 500m and rain was in future force by the summit. 1h 58 min. got us there.
We decided to stop in the cafe. I have never been inside the new place. Strange, it wasn’t packed out. Did the weather put some off?
I was noticeably slower on the descent. As always, I’m less confident coming down and feel the need for more certainty on each foot fall.
Round trip, 3h40 roughly. Okay considering kid heavy rain and strong winds. Actually, the wind wasn’t much of a problem.

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