Llyn Morwynon. Wild camp.

12°C, brighter and some cloud descending. Light breeze.
What has happened to Cwm Bwycam campsite. The portaloos have gone, and the signs. Walk around the field and there’s no sign of tents in the grass. Nothing. It’s sad to see it like this. I used to come here every year, sometimes several times. Places from memories, the crowded trips, I’ve quiet lonely ones. I learnt some tricks here from some trainee RAF guys, and they did from me. The site was managed by an old guy from the Midlands. He was a cyclist and would talk about bikes at the least opportunity.
Let’s hope that it reopens.

Wild camp. Found an ideal spot by the lake. It took about 1h 45m to get here from Cwm Bycam.


It’s so peaceful here, barely a sound. There are a few geese on the water, and I can hear a distant cuckoo.
Deeply relaxing, especially after a strenuous morning.

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