Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge.

4°C, sunny start and snow on summits. Hail and snow later.


Diamond Challenge training hike. Climb the three peaks in Yorkshire under 12 hours. Started at Horton-in-Ribblesdale. It’s a very popular event this, the crowds were building when I got there at 6.30. A fell running event was setting up as was  a Sikh Three Peaks Warriors event!
Booted up, we started on 7am dead. The return was at 17.58, eleven hours. We considered that decent when slowed progress on snowy summits and the fell runners race got in the way.
From a personal view, I probably went too fast at the beginning and flagged near the end. Despite saying that, I led most of the day.


MapMyWalk screen, before mapping.

The going was mostly secure. Lower down, there were limestone pavements, in a few places polished like limestone does. All the peaks were, however gritstone.
Gritstone offers good grip even with a thin coating of snow. It’s almost May now, so the ground is warm enough to prevent much ice forming. Most of the white we saw, was soft snow.

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