Review: Rocket Ron.

I rode cyclocross with MapMyRide+! Distance: 16.10mi, time: 01:33:52, pace: 5:50min/mi, speed: 10.29mi/h.
New tyres: I’ve not ridden the ‘cross bike as much this year. More, recently, a cluster of difficult to fix punctures, and slippery conditions put me off more.
Today, I rode the Jake with new Schwalbe Rocket Rons. Suddenly, it was obvious, the Challenge Grifos were worn out.
What a difference, I have grip back even in deep slimey mud. There are some stretches of this favourite route that have quite deep mud. Next to a canal, you don’t want to loose control. Besides, that water is cold and would ruin my phone.


Rocket Ron 33c.

I shall definitely buy these again. The grip is excellent and with a lighter inner-tube, handling is much improved. I could power through the deeper mud and keep feet dry. Only once did I have to put a don’t down. In the past, I have got off and run alongside the deepest mud.

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