Roast pigeon, no.

11°C, 4/5 white cloud. Light NW.
I rode Racelite with MapMyRide+! Distance: 27.84mi, time: 01:59:42, pace: 4:18min/mi, speed: 13.95mi/h.
This afternoon lacked the fizzing energy I get sometimes, so a steady ride. Though the bike felt light and nimble, I ‘tapped on the wheel’.
I still feel too stretched out though. It looks like a change to a 10cm stem would solve that.


Pigeon in the chimney,
Opened the flue to find a pigeon’s tail moving about. Poor thing had fallen down the chimney and was trapped.
I got it out wearing rubber gloves and it flew around the room until I could chuck over a blanket. When let out, it took off without difficulty flying without a tail.
What a E.A Poe kind of nightmare. There was a few spots of blood to clean off the window from when it flew round the room trying to escape.
I wonder about its chances of survival, he had plenty of energy but rather battered, bruised and blooded. As long as he can feed himself, then recovery is more likely.
Sorry about the tail.

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