Hill and Moorland:3 (result).

6~ 8°C, light W. Sunny with only 1 shower.
it seemed to go well on the hill today. No mistakes and additional skills were cleared easily. The kit check was fine, I even showed off my water filter.
The tension of last night was relieved in this morning’s briefing. The assessor regarded my errors as repaired after I identified them.
So the day went ahead. My tension reduced. Until the hour before final debrief that is.
Last outing: north Carneddau again. Another rolling grassland, this is Hill and Moorland after all. My navigation legs were fairly easy and error free so I could relax and enjoy myself again.

Result:: I volunteered to receive my result last, others had long journeys home. The sky cleared and this was turning into a nice day. Thus, another night here began to appeal.
Two others were given a Defered, both because of navigation errors. Neither was a surprise.
‘Defered’ means they’ll have to return for a one day re-assessment.
Full of butterflies, I went in and got mine. The result was what I wanted, congratulations to me!
We discussed ML, mountain Leader. He also raised a few thoughts to try to improve.

My roommate was outside, waiting in the bar, despite knowing his result. Nice chap, he wanted to know my result.
Welsh whisky. Hope it has a distinctive Welsh taste.

Nevertheless: there are some techniques that need some refinement. Most notably, night navigation. Colleagues at work will follow my footsteps and require more night nav’. I can try out tying the spare head-torch to my wrist, and get a spare compass with a big lens.
Over the past few days, I sent back some hints:
1. Practise practise practise micro-navigation,
2. Get a 4-6 man bothy bag,
3. Consider using an MTA trainer for a kind of ‘mock exam’.

Mountain Leader demands the same accuracy in navigation. I’d like to drop no points in relocation at all that time.
We should set points to navigate to and use gps to judge the accuracy of the leg.

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