Hafod y llan.

0°C, freezing fog at dawn, no wind.
I’m here now, so I may as well have a mountain day.
First night in the Banshee 200. It’s rather cramped, but the small interior is warmer in this cold weather. Outside, that freezing damp air was valley fog. Inside the fly sheet is beaded with condensation. The cramped cabin space made it impossible to avoid contact with the outer. Damp thus got in. The worst effect was cold fingers at breakfast, not a serious problem. That kind of cold that creeps into your shirt is far worse.
The Molwynion is good for somebody who’s tired. The summit I aimed for is about 680m, (roughly) and stands on fairly even rolling area. The climb is an easy one with an interesting scramble to make the final plateau.
People dotted the land; worse, there was a noisy crowd of teenagers on the summit. I kept away.
Lucky break?. You know that slightly sick feeling when you find a favourite glove missing? On broken rocky mountain ground, I decided to go and look for it. Working on the assumption that it was just after the last photograph, I headed back.
The chances of finding it are, on paper, small. However, about 1 km back, there it was, by a fence post. I cheered!
Life is going my way.

Some stats: walk time 8h.49m,
Total climb 853m, 360m/hr.

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