HML assessment: day 2.

6°C, some sun to begin, snow after lunch turning heavy.

I’m starting to
enjoy myself now. My leads were ‘spot on’. Again, a couple of errors crept in while following. The Assessor thought my geology presentation was ‘enjoyable’. On the walk in, there was a fine piece of cut slate near a working quarry. On close inspection, it was peppered with iron pyrites. A nice piece.
Sunshine to start, later there were small hail stones pinging off our packs. In the last hour, snow fell. That reduced visibility as much as fog does, the grip is less too.
I have the feeling that when folks back at work ask what
I did go my holiday, they’re not going to be all that jealous.

Tonight is night walk. More micro-navigation but after dark. This rain should just about finish for an hour. I hope for no more snow, head-torches can work against you with bright reflections from larger flakes.
I can sense the possibility that I may just pass this.

Night walk…

Night Walk, 3°C, sleet, cold and turning to snow. Some dry periods. This didn’t work well for me. Snow got on the lens of the compass, I overestimated distances and was unclear about intended target points.
My second leg aimed at a path junction. To be certain, I read the map before declaring my point. But on looking up to check angles of landmarks, I saw nothing. My night vision had gone.
Returned in a bad mood.
Pacing was out and sometimes, so was direction.
My roommate doesn’t think this would fail me.
Not happy.

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