Hill and Moorland Assessment:1

6°C, grey start with brisk W,
In a double room with a stranger, his name is Dave and he seems okay. I felt a little more than awkward. Kate last evening,
I introduced myself to two others in the bar. On their table saw their copy of the green book ‘Hillwalking’.
Meeting them did reduce my nerves somewhat.

later: through with advisories.. Most of the day was in the north Carneddau, near Penmaenmawr on the rolling moorlands.
The day was all about navigation. In the style of orienteering, we took turns walking from point to point. Sometimes a cairn, fold or a ring contour. My leads all worked hit the spot. It was relocating while following others that I dropped a couple of points. Once misreading a cairn for a fold, the other was fixation on a spring when I should have read a micro-contour.
Generally, the guy was happy with my ‘nav’. Knowledge of birds and lichens was good, but less so with plants. I didn’t know Ling from Bell Heather.
Contented but not relaxed.

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