Wolf Mountain Climbing Centre.

6°C, light N, grey with light rain.


It’s been 20 years since I did any rock climbing. Back then, I lived in Bristol and climbed in the Gorge. I swapped to cycling when it became apparent that it wouldn’t work in the winter. Also, solo climbing is not really a prospect either.
Carl, a few others and I will attempt the Inaccessible Pinnacle in June. We went to the climbing centre to get some skills.
The In Pin is a easily low grade climb, it’s just the exposure that intimidates some. Oh, and the weather.

First climbing wall session. Carl and I drove over to Wolverhampton for this booked induction session. Wolf Mountain is built in a converted old swimming pool. There are several rooms including a children’s space where we were taught how to belay. Once we’d ‘fallen’ off the wall the guy was happy to give us a pass.
Then we were free to climb and practise.
I wanted to be more fluent tieing the figure eight not, and Carl wanted his flat with no twist.

We’re soon to book a guide for the In Pinn. The following day, we do the Three-Peaks with Chris. Carl and I have done it before, but we’re happy to go along with Chris for a bit of mutual.

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