Unnamed storm.

12°C, grey, clearing to sun later; very strong WSW.
I rode Paddy Wagon with MapMyRide+! Distance: 52.68mi, time: 03:49:16, pace: 4:21min/mi, speed: 13.79mi/h.
Furious howling wind, a tempest even. I tried to select a route that makes the most of the wind direction. Ideally, yet want to come home with a tail-wind. That’s not possible here, upwind is out to sea. Second choice then like a sailor, choose cross-winds. For most of the day, it worked well. The return leg ayr very hard though. Flat, for exposed moors offered no shelves from hurts over 40mph. There was I, standing on pedals, head down trying to offer a small profile, still only able to make 9mph. How my muscles burnt, and how my legs complained.
I map glad to get home.
Geology: stopped in Crossens for a reason you’ll have to guess at. There is a prominent bolder outside a water-works. It was easy to identify as granite. The large square crystals were clear as there is very little weathering on this bolder. It has a plaque:


Crossens erratic.

That stone travelled over 100 miles way back 12,000 years ago. Somehow, it circuited the glaciers that advanced out from the lake district. Its route must have curved in the Irish Sea. I’m impressed by things like that.

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