Ride no.1

I rode Arrow with MapMyRide+! Distance: 31.42mi, time: 02:10:53, pace: 4:10min/mi, speed: 14.40mi/h.
I thought the average speed would come out higher than 15. It felt faster today. I’ve had the ‘fizzy legs’ feeling all day. As the cold rain continued, my frustration grew.



The photo is a moss growing in a tiny pot out the back. They are the easiest plants to care for. You don’t have to do anything apart from provide a pot with soil and a deep saucer beneath that retains water. The roots like to be constantly wet. They do well in this country.

Then, a break in the clouds an hour before sunset.
Quickly I changed and jumped on the computing bike. In the hurry, I should have added pressure to the back wheel, it handled in an odd way. Besides the long reach, the long cranks turned easily and I enjoyed the pace.
The soft tyre nagged at my sense of security, but it held. Good, because the spare tube is doubtful, I recalled.

later:, the pressures were even lower than I thought, 55psi for the back, and 60 front. They’re now both 80psi for the return to work.

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