Long walk on the shortest day.

8°C, clear sky with building light cloud. The usual SW breeze,
I hiked with MapMyRide+! Distance: 4.64mi, time: 01:14:11, pace: 15:59min/mi, speed: 3.75mi/h.
Thick, slippery mud was impossible to escape.
Both Ford crossings were impassible too, the water was just too deep. Since I’m ultra smart, I prepared an alternative route that crossed footbridges instead.


Night walk selfie

Carl took this nighttime selfie while we did the Blair Witch lights thing.
I was out-shone by their lights. By myself, the headtorch I have is plenty. It’s a Petzl Tikka 2 which was great the time I was benighted near Glen Coe in 2014. When the others had 200 lumin lamps, mine couldn’t compete. However, bright lights frequently spoiled our night vision especially after holding up the map. No strong reason to upgrade then, but perhaps a stronger hand torch would work well.
Next time, I will take a bike light.

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