47 on the 51st.

Fresh but mostly dry. 6~10°C, some showers on a fast moving wind.
My head of dept. called me into her room this morning. Then her 6th form group burst out with ‘Happy ‘Birthday’. I stood there, feeling slightly awkward but uplifted. My year 9 overheard it and rang the same when I returned. They also thought I should get a birthday badge. They’re difficult to find for numbers over 30, so here’s an idea.


Get a 15 Today badge and wear it upside down.

Yes, it has been a good day. I left early to get some miles on the bike. Nearly 50 in all today; should have ridden 51 but that wasn’t practical. Most of the ride, I didn’t know how far I’d gone so far. At various crucial turn points, there was no light to see the clock and I didn’t want to stop in the rain to check.

I rode with MapMyRide+! Distance: 37.37mi, time: 02:41:28, pace: 4:19min/mi, speed: 13.89mi/h.
Plus the 10 mile commute this morning.

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