Fog and mud.

I rode CX Jake with MapMyRide+! Distance: 35.67mi, time: 03:14:03, pace: 5:26min/mi, speed: 11.03mi/h.
Woke to very dense fog; and a choice of Fixie or cyclocross bike for today’s ride. CX gets me away from the traffic in poor visibility and to safety.
I picked a familiar route and took a diversion in the last leg. Along Southport seafront, a few cyclists pedaled northwards, and I steadily passed them.
One guy was on a Fat Bike so I asked him about it. They’re intriguing machines, and bizarre looking. Anyway, an odd thing happened moments before- I got told off! It happened on filtering though a small group of less experienced cyclists. (See below)
The Fat-bike guy showed me a route thorough gravel roads to get me close to the return leg by canal. Excellent route, but the ‘Private Road’ signs were offputting. Maybe I made a mistake somewhere near the start. I never did find a level crossing.

I wove through and hung behind the leading bike. He rode mid-lane and there was no room to pass. No worry, I stayed on his right, he’d spot me soon enough, if has mirrors.
His mates called out a few times to tell him. I didn’t need to pay anything. Soon he twigged and I was off.
As I built up speed if shouted out ‘you could have said hello or something’. Annoyance was in his voice. Don’t be annoyed, you’re only shouting because you felt silly in front of your friends.

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