A fine problem to have.

8°C, still and light. Cold.
It’s a fine problem, to decide which bike to ride today: Jake, the cyclocross; Arrow, the mudguard winter ride; summer racing bike- Racelite. I’m recovering from a virus thing, so to be cautious- it’s cyclocross today. ‘Cross is not exhausting, simply difficult.
I dread bringing that virus back, as happened last week. A dose of exhaustion could be an invite to that damned bug. It’s gone on long enough already, more than two weeks. No chance of beating 6,000 miles this year then.
Never mind.
The ground should be still be firm, perhaps with some mud patches. Anyway, mud fun should be guaranteed. Perhaps the cattle will be away.
How it worked out:


Lay the bike down while I check the route.

I rode ‘Cross with MapMyRide+! Distance: 24.49mi, time: 02:43:22, pace: 6:40min/mi, speed: 9.00mi/h.
Mostly, this outing was offroad. From the map, it’s obvious that I was lost. Not seriously lost, but I rode across several fields looking for the next way-point out A large herd of mixed cattle looked on. I bet they knew the where the exit stile is. Wish that I could read their minds. At least, with the crops cut, the exits were easier to see than last time I came this way. Next time, the mud will probably be deeper.


Scribble at the top is where I was lost.

That was was the National Forest Way. It was about as muddy as expected.

No punctures.

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