I rode Arrow with MapMyRide+! Distance: 11.51mi, time: 47:27, pace: 4:07min/mi, speed: 14.56mi/h. Slow.
Mediocre ride with the energy sapping virus’s return the culprit. 12 days feeling ill, some at home. On a return to health, pent up energy poured out in a few fast rides. Now I’m all weak, trembling and pathetic.

Turning right at a roundabout, a young guy cut me up. I hate pulling the brakes on a sharp turn. He argued that I was not in the right lane. It doesn’t matter, you give right at a roundabout. Simple.

Diesel engines can be unlocked am a company like Revo. Apparently, the engine is detuned in the software for lower powered cars in the range. The manufacturer gains because their range of engine models is smaller. We can gain fuel economy, power and delivery through the Rev. range. The car is not really built for the higher power, not the gearbox suspension or brakes. But, if you drive normally, you get the benefits at no loss. I will wait until VW have removed their emissions cheating software first.

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