Cross is difficult, but not hard.

I rode The Jake with MapMyRide+! Distance: 43.42mi, time: 04:14:44, pace: 5:52min/mi, speed: 10.23mi/h.
finally decided to take my cyclocross bike up Cannock Chase. Winding my way through Chorley and the not to gentle Gentleshaw, then the getting lost started. Down fire tracks, bridleways and some roads. After losing the signs, I found a footpath with fat bike tracks fresh. In ‘cross style, I jumped off and ran the bike. It was the rounded pebble layered tracks that were the most daunting, especially where steep.
This bike has a lower gear than I’m used to, 36×30. All the weight was on the rea;, a few times, the front lifted even when leant over the bars. Out of the saddle, the rear tyre would spin. I need more skill.
Still, I got to the Visitor’s Centre without falling off. And coffee.
My next waypoint was the canal at Great Hay. The route to the canal was less than ideal, an A road. There must be a better path.
From there, the towpath wound it’s way home all level.
The final leg along the towpath was flat, dry and all about vibration. By now, I was hungry and keen to get a meal.

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