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Plas-y-Brenin 2

11°C, brisk NE, rain set in all day. Day Two, trying not to feel like a cheat, I have walked in this area before. It’s that forgotten region between the Arenig and Ffestiniog. Although light rain and reduced visibility dominated … Continue reading

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Plas-y-Brenin 1

13°C, thin cloud and still Day one on a staff training course for D of E. Woke before anybody and walked about the lake while I waited for breakfast. Later

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11 to 16°C, brisk SSW, sunny early and later. Noon cloud. I rode Racelite-8 with MapMyRide+! Distance: 74.25mi, time: 05:06:41, pace: 4:08min/mi, speed: 14.5mi/h. Longest ride of the year so far. I haven’t done enough of these in ’15 … Continue reading

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7am canal ride.

11°C, brisk SW and grey cloud. Dry. I rode Jake with MapMyRide+! Distance: 17.8mi, time: 01:39:10, pace: 5:35min/mi, speed: 10.76mi/h. Started early, 7am start and saw few people. The return via Chorley was hillier that I remember but there … Continue reading

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Evening canal 13

11°C, W brisk, 3/5 cloud. Evening cyclocross: did a short route on the Jake in a loop on the canal. 13.5 miles in 1h 20. GPS failed again. It’s a bug in Mapmyride that started on the 30th April update. … Continue reading

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Which bike today?

16°C, mostly sunny with a light SW breeze. Which bike today? What a good problem to have- fixed gear or cyclocross? I rode fixed with MapMyRide+! Distance: 50.34mi, time: 03:09:48, pace: 3:46min/mi, speed: 15.91mi/h. ‘Rode up Bannister Hill after … Continue reading

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Cross thread.

11°C light rain under grey sky. It should have been a simple job. For a few weeks a cracking noise came from the Arrow’s bottom bracket. This has happened before when warm weather started. It’s as if the warmer, expanded … Continue reading

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Leaf litter.

6°C, grey cloud, dry so far. Gardening is easy. Two winters ago, I collected bags of leaves from work. The caretaker collects them in the autumn and fills a skip. I then, bag up warm handfuls of slowly decaying leaf … Continue reading

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11°C, light NW..slight snow. MapMyRide failed yesterday. The app refused to communicate with the GPS sensor. Other GPS apps worked as expected, but not MapMyRide. Strange because there were no updates that could be a simple explanation. Other software updates? … Continue reading

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