Plas-y-Brenin 3

13°C, brisk SW, sunny and cloud building later.
Great conditions, though the wind is strong with attendant wind-chill. Bright sun that needs sun-block.


Photo: very early sun on the Snowdon Horseshoe.
Today’s route we planned ourselves.
Our route started in a wooded horseshoe valley on the edge of the Molwynion. Out of the trees, we walked in strong sunshine and strong wind. I need to re-think clothing for these days, perhaps a thin windproof and gilet combination.
Navigation used subtle amounts features which honed our techniques. I got the feeling that Helen, the instructor, was becoming confident in us. Sometimes she passed over checking my position, but I knew where we were.
On return to the bus, I was feeling the cumulative lack of sleep. Debrief was rousing for me though. I am thrilled by the prospect of 20 more Quality Hill days and some at night. It was even suggested that I consider Mountain Leader Award.
note for future reference: I packed 2 1/2 litres of water and drank 2/3 of it. The backpack weighed 20 kilos (a 40 litre bag). Now I have a water filter, I should be able to pack a 60 litre bag at the same weight.

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