Freedom evening ride.

I rode Arrow with MapMyRide+! Distance: 35.21mi, time: 02:09:06, pace: 3:40min/mi, speed: 16.37mi/h.
Fast commute: crystal clear sky and warm air, that generates a lot of energy. As I got near Whittington, the Freedom cycles group passed, so I joined. It was an informal ride for them but a fast commute for me. Some splits were 23mph.
I claim a prize for the oldest bike in the group, 20 years and loaded with a bag on the rack. The others were on alloy or carbon bikes with nice light wheels like Aksiums.
This morning I will ride, but my legs are sore. I hope that will clear with a more gentle commute today.
Tempting to put the Shimano wheels on the Arrow though.

Found this guy in the shed this morning. He must have got in while the door was open as the sun went down. He wouldn’t survive another day in there, so I rescued him in a jar.
I got home too late to eat supper in the garden last night.

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