Wheels weighed.

7°C. Light cool wind. Grey overcast.
New wheels, for the cross bike when commuting. I had them built up with Schwalbe tyres which promise resistance to punctures.

They are not especially light, and don’t need to be. They simply have to be reliable.
This Thought prompted me to weigh some of my wheelsets. I decided to weigh the front wheel since the gear cassette makes quite a difference when the ratios are not similar.
•CX disc with cross tyres: 1.83Kg#
•Raleigh disc with Schwalbe: 1.69 Kg
•Shimano Deore with Mavic A319 rims: 1.55Kg
•Shimano STX with Alexia: 1.26Kg
•Shimano R500 wheelset:1.23 Kg
•Mavic Aksium: 1.21 Kg

#These wheels are currently fitted with Slime inner-tubes which are considerably heavier than plain tubes.

Simply putting wheels on the scales is naive, the rotational momentum is often more important. I expect the CX wheels will fare worst on this score too. But with 11 punctures in their first month, I see no choice. It looks like both disc wheels have heavy hubs, but I am not troubled by that.
As expected, the Aksium came out best, but not by a huge margin.

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