A badger.

6°C, still, dry and clear.
I rode Arrow home with MapMyRide+! Distance: 30.4mi, time: 02:00:10, pace: 3:56min/mi, speed: 15.3mi/h.
After an annoying afternoon at work trying to get mailmerge to work properly, I rode home. Conditions were ideal, very dry, no real wind and not too cold.
Legs were full of energy, and I enjoyed the feeling of speed in 0in cool dark air of evening. In these dry conditions, the dust on roads is white. This is great, the lights have more effect, they reach further.
Today, despite a slow puncture, I totalled 40 miles. Result.

To cap it all, I caught a badger in the headlights. He scurried along the edge of a hedge. Curiosity, this was the same stretch of road that I encountered the bat last year.
Remember, I rode there and a bat flew along immediately in front of me in the same direction. Remember how enchanted I was?
The badger was charming too.

I like riding at night.

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