Icey crust below, canal woodpeckers above.

4°C, SW brisk, rain/sleet.
Rode CX with MapMyRide+! Distance: 21.4mi, time: 02:25:57, pace: 6:50min/mi, speed: 8.8mi/h.
Eventful short ride.
Took the reverse canal route from Friday, my own tyre tracks are still there. The tyres broke a crispy thin ice on puddles and mud. After only 3 miles though, two punctures, both thorns. I then went to a cafe to warm up and patch the tubes.
Another cyclist suggested Slime Tubes, it’s got to be worth trying.
Later, headed towards Cannock Chase through Armitage. That’s where the rain started.

Then, something strange. Riding under a low bridge, I had to duck down against the bars. But on emerging, suddenly ouch a stiff back- I pulled a muscle. That decided it, turn home. That’s when the sleet came down and wind picked up. So I put my head down and slogged on. Woodpeckers must live near canals, one sounded very close. There were also many dogs to give way to. Will it get too busy to use these routes in the summer?
With a wind like this, there should be a good draw on the fire at home. Though the miles are low, I looked forward to a warm log fire.

The patches held.

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