Touring wheels.

-2°C, Clear sky, light NW breeze.
Cold commute tomorrow. Fitted the new rear wheel for the ride. Very low temperatures are forecast all week. Bitter.


Here is another photo from Sunday’s outing on the cyclocross bike. Here, I am riding back from a dyke on the shore of the Ribble estuary. It looks like a flood effort on the edge of mud-flats. It’s a large nature sanctuary, dull of birds I don’t recognise.
With hindsight, I should have practised moving mounts and dismounts. It’s a competition technique for CX races but would also be useful on soft grassy land too. Like a roadie, I get on and pedal off. Trouble is, the first turn can spin the wheel. If you trot along then get on, you already have momentum to balance.
Next time…

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