Mud and a dyke

3°C, strong NW wind, Clear blue and dry.
I rode CX with MapMyRide+! Distance: 47.03mi, time: 04:16:06, pace: 5:27min/mi, speed: 11.02mi/h.


The canal section left me with a puncture to fix. I rode a good 2 miles before it needed a top-up. This tactic didn’t work for long, as ever. Deflation accelerated so the tube had to come out. Ironic because I stopped to chat to a guy who had just repaired a flat by the canal.
The calorie counter above may need some adjustment to account for the slow surfaces today. Average speed was only 10mph, about 5 lower than a road ride. At least the speedometer agrees. I shall write a post about this speedometer another day.
Anyway, I can now see why mountain bikers are often the last to change shorts for longs in the autumn. Off-road seems to offer the best shelter from cold wind; speed is lower too.
Maybe 6,000 miles this year is unrealistic.

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