UKIP chairman “were racist”.

UKIP’s local chairman, Peter Cope wrote the letter below to the local paper.

How to deal with this, let’s use numbers.
Firstly, the population of Lichfield is 32,000 (from the 2011 census). So UKIP thinks that 32,000 x 5 = 500,000.
Net migration is a far more useful figure to use, it subtracts the numbers who leave the UK. That is approximately 249,000. 19% of the number who migrate here are returning UK born citizens anyway. Should they be subtracted too, since nobody can claim that they have no right to move here.

Therefore, the numbers don’t add up Chairman of Lichfield UKIP. You too may be accused of brainwashing you construct arguments in the way you do. You are dysfunctional when handling numbers and can’t construct a grammatically correct sentence.
An accusation made in a non-ironic way.

“when will full signs go up?

OUR politicians “whoever” over the last 20 or so years seem to have lost their confidence in their ability to govern Great Britain.

Have they been brainwashed into believing that Britain is now a “Third World” country and that only EU politicians are capable of doing this job?

When We complain about the amount of immigrants coming into the country say we were* racist, but it has nothing to do with race.

The amount of people coming in every year is 500,000, that is the equivalent of approximately five cities the size of Lichfield* every year.

There are over 1,000 new houses to be built in Lichfield in the next couple of years and you will find that it is the same with every town in the country.

Now I know we are told that we need all these immigrants for the country to prosper.

The question is when will our politicians decide when we are full?

Peter Cope, UKIP chairman,

*”Were” racist? As in were formerly racist and are no longer racist? Wrong, we think you continue to be bigots.

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