Fri,14C, white cloud, some sun.
Moved to Torridon from Assynt. Surrounded by more of that Torridonian sandstone that formed Suilven and Canisp as inselbergs. Here it covers more and is cut by many valleys into terraces, many of which slope. A few mountains are capped with white- a quartzite.


The plaque said this layer of sand is up to 4 miles thick in places. So how did that happen? Was the land sinking as this sand was laid down under that shallow sea?

The coastal drive was very picturesque and calming. The sort of place you could take your parents for a break.
Toriddon has a free campsite, it even has hot showers!

Tomorrow has long periods of rain forecast, so I shall probably do a low level walk. Perhaps the one that begins at the car park where I read the interesting plaque. It said the route is about four hours in all. I hope it includes at least some climbing. Best buy a map first.
Coffee in the morning should be good. I bought an espresso pot, the sort you put on a gas heater.

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