16C, showers to start, cleared late afternoon.
Long long day. It wasn’t meant to be, but the walk time was nearly doubled. Perhaps it was the conditions. There was water everywhere. Every dip, every footprint was a puddle. Any soil was a bog and the whole effect was to make all surfaces very slippery.
The skies cleared and the highlands shone in their full glory.

Two Monroes in today’s walk. Sgurr na h-Ulaidh and along the same ridge- Stob an Fhuarain. Descent was eastwards but there were two very difficult rock walls to cover. There was no way around, so I took it slowly. This is not the place to have an accident. Nobody was within miles and no phone signal.
As it was, the final glen was boggy and rocks were hidden in the long grass. That made going very slow. Darkness fell with about an hour to go and the final river crossing was not obvious.
In the end, I came across a track that led me to walk through somebody’s garden. Hope view didn’t notice me with my head torch.
Back at camp, the block said 11.30 pm.
The best mountain days!
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