Cork woodland.

27C brisk NW sea breeze. Bright sun.
Hired bike: rode MapMyRide! Distance: 50.04mi, time: 03:31:11, pace: 4:13min/mi, speed: 14.22mi/h.
Great ride in the Algarve nature reserve. The main feature was a long twisting ascent up to the wind farm. Then followed a fast descent to the west on an empty road.


Cork Oak trees.

That was good so I stopped at the bottom to read the map. I wanted another route to take me back up so ride it again. But then it was obvious how little water there was left in the bottles. That became my priority, so I resumed the route and look for a cafe. Carrapeteira has a nice square with a few places to buy water.
The return was a faster cruise along sweeping roads.
Traffic have a wide berth but they do tail-gate each other badly.
The bike was quite likable, comfortable and smooth; not bad for a hire bike. It has an aluminium frame with carbon forks. The guy said he got them for €800 each. The frame seems good with costs cut on components. I really liked the new style Tiagra shifters, the up-shift lever is in a more natural place and it’s clunkiness sir a good feature in my view.

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