Boundary conflict.

18C, N wind, clear.
This bottle brush plant failed to flower last year.


A nice surprise after a trip away.

Got home this afternoon to find my garden has been hacked.

I decided that this time I would ask the neighbour about it. This is the 3rd year in a row this has happened and it always occurs when I am away.
Tuesday, I trimmed the hedge to remove overlap of the paved path. I left it neat with a rich display of red-scarlet fuscias. I am so frustrated by this because he but the lot back more than a foot behind the line. That leaves the dead-wood core on the path-side and areas of bare soil beneath. There is also white powder on my garden wall, presumably ant powder. Ants are harmless, they don’t spread disease, don’t poop along their routes (like mice do), they cause no damage and don’t get into the house. In other words, the powdered poison solves a problem that doesn’t exist.

All the waste cuttings were then dumped on my lawn. If I was away longer, it would kill the grass.
So what was his response?
“I but it back because it got in the way of the pushchair, and Ben’s bike” -why is it so important that his kid can cycle down a narrow footpath?
Admittedly, I ride mine down there when I get back from work, but never noticed any problem with overhang.
Why did he never ask? Why did he leave it until he was annoyed by the (perceived) problem?

But I trimmed the hedge on Tuesday! Why cut further? His cut has gone more than a foot over the boundary, and caused the problems described above.
After a little research, it turns out that his behaviour was a criminal offence. The term that crops up is Criminal damage.

All I want is to be asked, Richard has never breathed a word about this before.

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