22C, milky close, rain to come.
The most annoying punctures, more annoying than the other annoying punctures happen at home. This one hissed itself flat when I pulled the pump head off the value. The effort of flicking that lever and pulling it off after blowing up to pressure has split the tube at the value base.

And on the ether hand, my weight is coming down. Cycling is more fun when I weigh less than 14st.7. For the last month or two, I have been over 15st. I topped 15st.7 which is way too much.
I blame snacking and no twice daily dog walk.
Parti-poodles look like a good choice. I may even get a lad next time.

I rode Fixed, Distance: 34.61mi, time: 02:05:14, pace: 3:37min/mi, speed: 16.58mi/h.
incidentally, I got back weighing 15st.1, that’s measure of how much dehydration there is from a two hour ride. It can take a long time to replace that much fluid.
The ride was quick and comfortable.
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