Long, slow and hot.

23C, still and sunny.
Rode summer bike: Distance: 79.75mi, time: 05:23:29, pace: 4:03min/mi, speed: 14.8mi/h.
Passed through Heather with a tall oily black column of smoke from the north. It looked as if it came from a farmyard near the open cast quarry. Watching the billowing, almost solid looking forms developing from the deep orange flames was strangely fascinating.
later, on mile 68, I overtook some portly blokes on bikes who were weaving about noticeably. I gave then a wide berth. They startled me after a few minutes by passing me at speed. They still rode bow-legged on their basic looking mountain bikes. But there was something different about them, they made a whirring noise and had huge front hubs. They were on electric bikes! Both caught up with other similar looking men who were also distinctly fat.
I would be impressed if the bikes could charge up on descents, or from rider’s effort. It would be great if they had started the ride with no charge today.
Here is another view of the fire from about 3/4 mile.
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