40mph on the Carneddeau.

12,cloudy, strong westerly.
Breakfast was a cooked English at the Pinnacle Cafe in Capel Curig. There, I decided on the plan for the day. The rain promised did not show this morning, so I chose the more ambitious idea. I would climb Carnedd Llewellyn and return by the back route. That rather brief label hides the long trek back along two lakes and a lengthy descent down marshy grasslands.

The track that runs along this lake has streams and puddles with black dots in the more stable ones. Though late and light was fading, I stopped to stir with a finger to sate my curiosity. They were tadpoles. A cute sight, but I suppose they may only last a short time; not because the puddles would dry up- this is Wales. I fear for them if a bird were to discover them wriggling in the water.

The final stage of the walk was along a water channel in increasing rain. By now, I was certainly tired. Once at camp, I measured out the route which revealed the surprising figure of 22 miles.
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