Over the bars for a face-plant.

11C,brisk Westerly, dry, bright.
Driving but stuck behind a bike club in Stafford. In a complex of roundabouts, one bloke turns to pick up something dropped. He then struggled to get back on to the group in the Saturday traffic. With the group already split in by cars. He had more trouble passing cars between the bunches.
Then, suddenly he was flicked into the air over his bike. A white car had stopped to let turning cars by. The bike’s brakes hadn’t stopped him fast enough, he hit the white car from the back.
By the time I got there, was wheeling his bike to the bus-stop to recover. The young woman driver walked over, visibly annoyed. She was not too happy to see a middle-aged man face printed on her rear window.
It’s understandable how this happened. The guy had his adrenaline up, he wanted to get back to the safety of the bunch. He pushed on, dodging cars only to foul up.
Walking wounded, hope his bike is okay. She will have to wash the sweaty image of a surprised face off the rear window when she gets home.
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