Storm, storm, storm…

7C, strong SW wind, richer to come.
Achilles tendon- is very stiff now. Perhaps I need to go back to the physiotherapist. I am actually limping now and that gives me back-ache.
Heavy weather, strong winds are hammering the house from the south. My house is cold when it blows across the place. Winds that blow along the ridge are little problem.
3DS Max is currently rendering the latest version of the Pulsar animation. It now has a particle system to represent the polar emissions. There should be a gas stream in addition to the electro-magnetic beams that come from the poles.
Those gas streams are supposed to exit on the rotation axis, but I don’t understand why. My animation has them creating a helical cone expanding outwards.
Hope it works out because the projected render time is nearly 5 hours.

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