Not the coldest day.

CA: Distance: 56.88mi, time: 03:52:18, speed: 14.7mph.
On average, today is the coldest day in the Northern Hemisphere. So far this winter has been mikd and wet, characterised by frequent storms and heavy rainfall. This coming week is forecast to be a cold one. The recent floods are god’s revenge for the legalisation of same-sex marriage says a UKIP mp. Such a disfunctional mind in that man, David Silvester.
Today’s ride was mild, sunny with light winds. If only I had eaten better, it would have been more enjoyable in the second half. I set out averaging over 16mph, but that dropped after 30 miles.
I am aiming to get over 1,000 done by Easter, and Easter is an early one this year.


Rosie practised her calligraphy on the glass.

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