Angry green van.

CK- Distance: 44.37mi, time: 02:57:05, speed: 15.03mi/h.
Wet roads; overnight rain has washed off problem mud, so the roads were good today.
Southport has advanced stop lines (for bikes). The first one, on the southern approach to Southport has a left filter lane so I stood on the left edge of the middle lane, ready to in straight on. Behind me was a small metallic green van. When the lights changed, I clipped in and rode on pulling left for traffic. The van hovered threateningly only a yard behind. Next, he overtook and swerved in twice before driving away. All the while, he was staring at me, shouting and gesturing. I could not hear any of it. Very strange, I puzzled over this for the rest of the ride- 45 miles.

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