Be more happier!

9C, light wind,rain till hometime.
CA-16 miles.
Dark lanes route. Started with an amusing incident. Crossing a junction, the car opposite pulled forward at the same time. But, he turned right, in front of me. I called out “Indicate!” then as he drove away, shouted “YOU SHOULD BE MORE HAPPIER!”.
I was more happier until I met a dangerous driver.

This ride was in question all afternoon, the heavy rain seemed non-stop. It cleared in time, so I took the 16 mile lane route. Even with wet, black roads, the visibility was good enough.
It seems that these lights are holding their charge better as the week wore on. Could it be that the training period that new batteries need should be done with batteries that have been left in storage all summer?

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1 Response to Be more happier!

  1. Patrice Buck says:

    I popped out on Saturday and used the CGB route to quickly head out of Cambridge so that I could then take a more picturesque route using various bridleways and byways back. There will be a two part Post discussing the journey following this post. However what surprised me is that the path up near the St Ives end seems to be very prone to flooding. we have had a bit of rain in the Cambridgeshire area – but pretty much every other byway and bridleway I have cycled along shows almost no evidence of rain as the ground has been so dry.


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