14°C, misty rain showers,
Summit– Gleoraich, 1035m.
After an encouraging start, visibility was touch and go. On we plodded at a moderate pace. I was wary because of the remote location and the low chance that anyone else was on the mountain. Footprints were visible, but they could easily be from yesterday.
The walk was great until if mizzle turned to driving rain at the middle col. I looked at possible escape routes but they looked steeper descents than continuing onward and over the next summit. So, that’s what we decided to do. Sooner too because Rosie was visibly shivering under her raincoat. A col is usually a windy place and by now the rain was driving.

Summit 2 – Spidean Mialach, 997m, rain, I mean RAIN!
The climb up was easy, only a shame that there was no visibility: there must be some grand views below. Descent was mostly down a grassy slope without too many bolders. Then Rosie let herself down- she disappeared! That is a stressful thing to happen. Then a hare ran past. She was chasing them, dammit! She must have been on one, later she chased after a stag, a Red Deer stag. Hopeless, it had several times her speed, many times her size, on familiar lane and sporting huge antlers. Silly girl.
When she’s sleeping tonight, I will know what is going through her mind when the twitching and woofling starts.

Before the incident

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